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Skip Baggage Claim Roatan

What?  Skip baggage claim?  what are you talking about?  Well when you arrive in Roatan your bags dont come out that quickly.  How would you like to arrive, go through immigration and leave the airport to get to the beach or where you are going as quickly as possible?  Well we do that for you!  For a minimal fee we will obtain your checked bags and deliver them to you before 5pm!  Okay well, that means you wont have suntan lotion and/or bug spray.  Well, we can handle that.  We offer a Skip Baggage Claim Roatan welcome bag for a small price that will have suntan lotion bottles of the number that you let us know and a bottle of 1 of 2 bug sprays – your choice! WOW this is amazing.  Want to know more?  email us at SkipBaggageClaimRoatan@gmail.com or from the US call 281-201-0616

roatan vacation 2013/2014 groceries

Are you coming to Roatan for your vacation Nov 2013-April 2014?  This is your vacation, no need to spend it in the grocery store.  I have a lot of clients tell me that they want to experience our grocery store.  Well I have to tell you we are just like the ones you shop in the US, just a few years behind.  Sometimes we have to go to 2-3 stores to get what is needed and sometimes they are out of an item, so we will make sure that you receive it as soon as it arrives back on the shelf.  Walk into your vacation rental and start your vacation the right way.

Grocery Shopping on Roatan on vacation

You are going on vacation; do you really want to go to a grocery store during your vacation.  I have a lot of clients tell me they want the experience of grocery shopping.  Well our grocery store is just like the ones in the US!  So dont spend your valuable vacation time in the grocery store.  Let AT YOUR SERVICE get all your groceries, beer, wine, alcohol, etc. and have it set up when you arrive at your vacation rental!

Clients on Roatan having a great vacation

having a great week with clients once again last week south shore canopy tour, dolphin encounter. This week massage at the wonderful Baan Suarte Spa, dune buggy ride, more south shore canopy tours, dinner at mayoka lodge for 2 (how romantic)!

clients loving not having to wait in line at the airport. they get to enjoy more of the beach and the sun. especially this past week when the rainy season really put a damper on a lot of clients week. we booked lots of massages, island tours and canopy tours in between the rain showers.

saturday when the sun finally came out, all 17 of my clients were on the beach getting to enjoy the sun while AT YOUR SERVICE did their departure pre-check in and all clients left with a bit of a tan and happy with their departure.

SUNWING & CANJET would you like private shuttle service to your vacation rental?

Sunwing and CanJet passengers why get on a big bus and wait for everyone else to get their luggage and get on this big bus. When you get to your vacation rental you have to wait in line for your turn to get checked in. Is this really how you want to start your vacation?

How about being the first ones out of baggage, your private van waiting for just you! cold beverages when you arrive at the airport waiting for you. A mini tour on the way to your vacation rental. and you are the only ones at the reservations desk when you arrive and no waiting in line to check in!

You are on the beach hours before anyone else on your airplane.

Now that is a vacation!

Contact us atyourservice.concierge.roatan@gmail.com


Fresh Bakery & Cafe Gibson Bite West End Roatan Honduras today’s special

Grilled pita sandwich, stuffed with what you want for 120L!  When you are Roatan you for sure want to stop here for lunch or breakfast!  Let me know and I will be happy to take you there!

dont be squished into a van going to your resort with lots of other people and more luggage on Roatan!

Yesterday at the airport i saw one van cramming 6 guests and 12 suits cases and 6 carry ons into one small 6 passenger mini van.  the luggage was put in the van first and then they were squeezing everyone else into the van


Is this how you want to go to your vacation?  What kind of place picks up their guests like this?  What does it tell you about where you are going to spend your vacation?


Let AT YOUR SERVICE take personal care of you.  Our private van will be air conditioned and waiting for you right at the front door of the airport.  You luggage will either fit int he back, on the roof or I will personally drive it over to your place.  Clients in the vehicle with no luggage around them!  Even a cold beverage when you arrive at the airport!


We spoil you from the very beginning of your vacation until the end.  Give us a call.

PORT SIDE BLUE MOON special – flowers bay roatan!

This Friday is the Blue Moon

Port Side decided to welcome it with dinner for two.
Couples ordering 2 meals of equal or greater value off our specials board will receive a complimentary bottle of wine.

reserve today @ 8767 7302

for transportation please call AT YOUR SERVICE  8958-6262 very very reasonable!