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special occasion – let AT YOUR SERVICE handle that for you

Let AT YOUR SERVICE make every day of your vacation a special day

Let AT YOUR SERVICE make every day of your vacation a special day

is it safe? what about the bugs? questions clients always ask about Roatan

I cannot tell you how many times a day I am asked this question by potential clients.  So let me answer them.

Anywhere you go in the world there is crime.  Just remember just because you are on vacation on a paradise island…that doesnt mean that the criminals are on vacation!  Statistically you as an expat have a higher chance of getting murdered in the US then you do on the mainland of Honduras.  Wow how about that?

If you follow the guidelines and let my drivers transport you where you want to go, dont go where it is recommended not to go and dont flaunt money and/or jewels and riches, you will be just fine on Roatan.

Bugs……..hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Well there is a lot to talk about them.  We do have no see-ums here.  Yes they are horrible; but can be dealt with for sure.  When you become a client of AT YOUR SERVICE we guide you through how to prevent the nasty spots you get from them, we give you a certain soap and a great natural spray made here on the island for the bugs of Roatan………….

Give AT YOUR SERVICE a try………….we care about you and you enjoying your vacation.