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AT YOUR SERVICE offers free cell phone service when you use their services?

Ok you are are going on vacation and your family is worried about you, or maybe the kids are staying home with grandma and grandpa and you want a way for them to call you if they need to.

AT YOUR SERVICE provides each client with a complimentary cell phone (or chip if you want to use your own phone) when you arrive at Roatan Airport. You will also receive the number 5 days prior to arrival so that you can leave it back home for anyone to reach you.

AT YOUR SERVICE also has a US number that is provided to all clients as another emergency number for friends and family back home to reach clients.

AT YOUR SERVICE makes sure that you have at least $5 worth of time on the phone to make calls to the US and Canada. Calls to AT YOUR SERVICE are free!

Wow, is that service or what?

Coming to Roatan and want to be able to call the US and/or Canada?

Are you coming to Roatan and want to be able to call the US and/or Canada while you are here at reasonable rates?  Are you interested in a cell phone to be able to talk between your kids, your friends who are with?  Well AT YOUR SERVICE rents cells phones at very reasonable rates.  We also have microsims that you can put into your ipad and/or iphone so you can use your own phone if you want.


Contact us!  from the US call 281-201-0616 or email us at atyourservice.concierge.roatan@gmail.com