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Concierge service recommendation – At Your Service Roatan

Thank you Pamela…..a pleasure to be AT YOUR SERVICE
 Concierge service recommendation – At Your Service Roatan 
Dec 01, 2012, 6:05 PM
My husband and I arrived in Roatan last week for a 5-month stay only to spill a glass of wine on my brand new computer. I was devastated and needed to know how to get reliable help. Sue-Ann Solomon of At Your Service Roatan got right on it, she found out who were authorized for the repairs I needed, where to go for the best service, how much for repairs and even looked into shipping from the states should I need replacement. Her service was prompt, thorough and friendly, I swear she thought of everything!

 We also purchased phones through her phone plans, she expertly interpreted the best phone plans for us and internet plans. We were so confused before talking with Sue-Ann.

 We also spoke with her about transportation, she found a sound vehicle for us within a day!

 OK, this is crazy and over the top, but I attended a Thanksgiving dinner she cooked and it was incredible. 16 people attended and everyone could barely push themselves away from the table. We had a delightful evening, Sue-Ann’s cooking was amazing!

 I highly recommend contacting Sue-Ann for any of your rental, trip, tourist, and / or catering needs, she is the island know-it-all and do-it-all. Very trustworthy and quick to respond. Thank you Sue-Ann!

Holiday season nearing in Roatan – are you ready?

Are you coming to Roatan for the Holidays?  do you have your private airport pick up and return booked yet? how about having your groceries waiting for you at your place when you arrive so that your vacation time is spent relaxing – NOT GROCERY SHOPPING!  We provide free cell phones to our clients!!!  Do you want to stand in line at the airport for 3 hours or walk in 30-40 minutes prior to your flight and go through security?

Dont wait, we are almost booked up for the holidays…….

Cell phone service when in Roatan

Are you coming to Roatan and want to have a cell phone to use while here?

Want to leave a phone number with someone for emergencies?

Want to use your Ipad and/or Iphone while on Roatan?

We can help you with that.  Our rates are extremely reasonable and we have microsims for your ipad and/or iphone!


Give us a call at 281-201-0616 or visit our website at http://www.atyourserviceroatan.com

roatan winter vacation? groceries waiting for you upon arrival! private airport pick up and return?

Are you coming to Roatan for Christmas and/or New Years Vacation?  AT YOUR SERVICE  will do your grocery shopping for you before you arrive.  have everything put away nice and neat and cold for you!  leave you lots of surprises!


We also provide personal private airport pick up and return.  We take special care of our clients.  You will be whisked off at immigration to your cold beverage awaiting you outside of baggage claim then escorted to your chariot all air conditioned (oops did i say chariot; i meant vehicle)!  no one else will be in there but you and your party! perhaps me but you will be given a mini tour.  We wont cram you into a vehicle with all your luggage, we promise you that.


Let AT YOUR SERVICE spoil you on your vacation.  After all, you are on vacation!