Arrivals on Roatan Thursday November 21, 2013

Arrivals Roatan Thursday Nov 21, 2013

Arrivals Roatan Thursday Nov 21, 2013

Roatan airport mode for AT YOUR SERVICE


OMG you are going to Roatan for vacation! Where is that?

I cannot tell you how many times my clients have told me that someone back home said that to them when they said they were going on vacation to Roatan. Well let me tell you that those same clients could not wait to get back home and tell their friends what a great time they had on Roatan and with AT YOUR SERVICE helping them with their vacation.

AT YOUR SERVICE offers free cell phone service when you use their services?

Ok you are are going on vacation and your family is worried about you, or maybe the kids are staying home with grandma and grandpa and you want a way for them to call you if they need to.

AT YOUR SERVICE provides each client with a complimentary cell phone (or chip if you want to use your own phone) when you arrive at Roatan Airport. You will also receive the number 5 days prior to arrival so that you can leave it back home for anyone to reach you.

AT YOUR SERVICE also has a US number that is provided to all clients as another emergency number for friends and family back home to reach clients.

AT YOUR SERVICE makes sure that you have at least $5 worth of time on the phone to make calls to the US and Canada. Calls to AT YOUR SERVICE are free!

Wow, is that service or what?

the Rise of the Personal Concierge

In the October 2005 issue of Travel & Leisure Michael Gross wrote an article about concierge services.

“With the help of a personal concierge, you can have it all—for a price. Michael Gross investigates the rise of this new travel guru and puts a trio of programs to the test.”

He continue in the article and then wrote “That’s what I wanted: someone consistent and persistent, doing a little bit more…for me. ”

He then proceeded to write about his trial with 3 concierge’s and their ability to get something he wanted.

Then he wrote “Once upon a time, people had wives or secretaries who performed concierge-style tasks. The end of sexism is a compelling explanation for the concierge explosion, but hardly the only one. Baby boomers, known for their sense of entitlement and lust for instant gratification, are also pushing the trend. However, those attitudes aren’t confined to one generation. “People want to be recognized,” says Vertu’s Woolff. “They like to reward themselves. It feels good to have people do something for you.”

SO when someone criticizes you about using a concierge for your next vacation, just remember. You work hard, so when you go away let someone else do the work for you!

Give AT YOUR SERVICE a try! Our rates are nothing compared to those of any other Concierge Service!

Why do travelers use a concierge?

Why do travelers use a concierge when going on vacation? Well many say because they are on vacation, and when on vacation do not do the things that you normally do when you are home. Like What? Grocery Shopping? Planning everyone’s activities? Cooking? driving?

AT YOUR SERVICE offers you those services, and not because you are lazy, crippled, invalid, but because you are on VACATION. Make it a real vacation!

AT YOUR SERVICE does not charge for 90% of the services that are offered. AT YOUR SERVICE does not mark up activities and transportation. AT YOUR SERVICE wants you to decide what the service was worth to you and therefore you tip us based on how well we did what you expected, plus some!

Give us a try!

COMING to Roatan on a cruise ship on February 14? want to surprise your woman with Roses? we can do that!

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES, ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINES, PRINCESS CRUISE LINES are you coming to Roatan on Valentines Day and and want to surprise the love of your life with roses when you arrive on the island. We are now taking orders for Roses, 1 doz, 2 doz or 3 doz (best price). in vase or in a bouquet. contact us asap as we only ordered so many dozen. We can meet you where you are going while on the island with an excursion. just contact us at thank you and have a great time on the Rock!

Valentine’s Day on Roatan! Roses for your sweetheart. We can do that!

Valentine’s Day is nearing. DO you want roses for your sweetheart? Is she or he here on the island and you are not? or you are and want them to give her? give us a call, we can do that!!!