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From a client on Roatan March 2-9 with 8 other families

Susan Wilby Sue Ann thank you for helping us have such a wonderful and memorable week in beautiful Roatan!
March 10 at 10:30pm ·

ROATAN MALARIA LESSON #6: Arabinoglactans

MALARIA LESSON #6: the University of Minnesota conducted a research project that revelated that arabinogalactan stimulated immune cells and a proper immune system that helps your organisms to fight against malaria infection.

WHEE DO YOU FIND ARABINOGALACTANS: tomatoes, carrots, pears, coconut, leek, onioin, spinach, broccoli, avocado, eggplant, mango, apples, apricot, banana, radish, turmeric, echinacea tea, marshallow root!

all items except leeks, mango (out of season right now), echinacea tea and marshmallow root can be found in Eldons Supermarkets.

Let at your service do your pre-arrival grocery shopping and make sure you add these items to your food before you come down and while you are here on ROATAN!

SUNWING and CANJET coming to Roatan??

Are you flying SUNWING or CANJET to roatan? do you want to be on a bus with masses of others? or would you prefer to have a private service pick you up and take you to your vacation? We will send you emails prior to your arrival with lots of information about preparing for your vacation. We meet you at the airport with cold beverages of your choice. we do pre-arrival grocery shopping and we even do departure pre-check in so you dont have to stand in the long line at the airport for 3 hours! show up 45 min before the flight and go through security! contact us

AT YOUR SERVICE MISSION – customer service and tourists are number one at ALL times

The mission of AT YOUR SERVICE is to ensure that every Tourist to Roatan i come in contact with has the best vacation ever on Roatan. I want them to love it so much that when they return to their home they tell everyone they know what a great time they had, how much they loved the accommodations and that AT YOUR SERVICE facilitated in their phenomenal vacation. I want them to return and for everyone they tell to come here. Tourists are first in customer service. Have a great and safe Merry Christmas with your family and friends wherever this posting may find you!

In Support of Those in Connecticut please read this

If you would like to mail
sympathy cards or letters of
support and solidarity to the
school, the school address

appears to be: Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Please copy/paste/share widely.
Sending a card is something
small but at least it’s something we can do ♥

coming to Roatan, want private personal airport transportation?

You are going on vacation, right?  you want to be treated like a king and/or queen!  Right?  why get on a bus with lots of other people and be just another person checking in?  Why get crammed into a mini van with all your luggage and no a/c?


AT YOUR SERVICE provides personal, private airport pick up and return service to all visitors to Roatan.  We will send you something in the US so that when you are at the airport in Roatan your bags will be easily seen by our baggage personnel.  You will be escorted to where I am waiting for you personally with the cold beverage you requested upon arrival.  Then I will escort you to your air conditioned vehicle sitting right outside the door of the airport and your bags will be delivered to us there.

Then we will whisk you off on a lovely trip to your vacation rental.  The driver and guide will give you information on the ride there and answer questions for you.


Let AT YOUR SERVICE spoil you while you are on vacation.  Read what our clients have written about us on Trip Advisor Forums, Central America, Honduras, Roatan.

281-201-0616 from the US