the Rise of the Personal Concierge

In the October 2005 issue of Travel & Leisure Michael Gross wrote an article about concierge services.

“With the help of a personal concierge, you can have it all—for a price. Michael Gross investigates the rise of this new travel guru and puts a trio of programs to the test.”

He continue in the article and then wrote “That’s what I wanted: someone consistent and persistent, doing a little bit more…for me. ”

He then proceeded to write about his trial with 3 concierge’s and their ability to get something he wanted.

Then he wrote “Once upon a time, people had wives or secretaries who performed concierge-style tasks. The end of sexism is a compelling explanation for the concierge explosion, but hardly the only one. Baby boomers, known for their sense of entitlement and lust for instant gratification, are also pushing the trend. However, those attitudes aren’t confined to one generation. “People want to be recognized,” says Vertu’s Woolff. “They like to reward themselves. It feels good to have people do something for you.”

SO when someone criticizes you about using a concierge for your next vacation, just remember. You work hard, so when you go away let someone else do the work for you!

Give AT YOUR SERVICE a try! Our rates are nothing compared to those of any other Concierge Service!


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