The Seafood Truck

Jerry the fish man will come to your property when you are here on roatan. just let AT YOUR SERVICE coordinate it for you.

Elizabeth Lee, RD

We were able to catch the seafood truck! I previously talked about a food truck that had tons of fruits and vegetables. Last week, a truck selling fresh and frozen seafood came by. The drivers told us that they come by whenever they have fresh produce to sell. They do not have any kind of set schedule.


We bought lots of fish and conch as well. On a side note, I randomly decided to make bread from scratch. The kneading and yeast-rising kind of making bread from scratch! It was a lot of work. I’ve been reading some nutrition activity manuals for children, and have been wanting to try a lot of the recipes in these books.



Our meal felt like restaurant-quality with homemade bread and fresh fish! We really like these food trucks because the produce is fresh and delivered to our door step. The trucks are just hard…

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