Preparing for arriving clients to celebrate their honeymoon – anniversary on Roatan Sept 7-14, 2013

Preparing for arriving clients Rob & Nicole.  7 years ago Rob married Nicole and unfortunately could not take their honeymoon due to a hurricane in Mexico.  So now 7 years later Rob is determined for their anniversary to make it up to Nicole and show her how much he loves her.  Here are the photos of the preparation for their arrival.  Roses on the table with a beautiful note, rose petals all the way up the stairs to the bedroom and a “x” of 2 roses on the bed to signify their union.  ON the kitchen counter is a bucket filled with ice, champagne, Chardonnay (for Nicole) and 2 Beers (local ones for Rob).  Bottle opener, glasses as well.  On the other counter in the kitchen is a platter of freshly made chimolt and honduran nacho chips with another plate of polvorones (large honduran made sugar cookies).  Watch for more photos to come of this wonderful week Rob has planned for his bride.







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