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When your vacation is ending, do you want to stand in line at Roatan airport?

Or would you rather be on the beach as long as possible?  AT YOUR SERVICE offers DEPARTURE PRE-CHECK IN SERVICE – we wait in the lines at the airport and you show up 1 hr prior to departure and simply go through security!  Check out the happy clients of AT YOUR SERVICE below in Picture B!


Roatan Vacation? Where to stay? Is it right for my spouse and/or my husband?

You are wanting to come to Roatan for your vacation. Don’t know where to stay because you have read so many reviews about each resort! Well AT YOUR SERVICE will ask you questions and find out from you what exactly your needs are and amenities that are important to you. From that AT YOUR SERVICE will recommend accomodations for you. AT YOUR SERVICE lives here and knows from previous clients and personal experience who does and does have what and do what! Let AT YOUR SERVICE make your vacation great!

Seriously, Grocery Shop on your vacation?

Ok now you are going on vacation.  Is your definition of going on vacation “doing the same things you do at home” or is it “HAVING SOMEONE ELSE DO THE THINGS YOU DO AT HOME?”  If it is the latter, then AT YOUR  SERVICE is who you want to handle your vacation needs.  Our grocery stores are pretty much just like walking into one in the US.  The difference is we are a few years behind them.  Let us do your grocery shopping, alcohol shopping and set it up so when you walk into your vacation rental – YOUR VACATION IS READY TO START!!!!

Roatan Activities – What to do on your vacation

Are you coming to Roatan for vacation?  Not sure what to do?  You don’t want to pay the higher rates that the resorts charge?  Want someone to assist you who cares that you have a great vacation and won’t overcharge you?  Want the truth about what restaurants to eat at?  Want safe reliable transportation with a driver who speaks english?  Well then AT YOUR SERVICE is for you.  I care that you have a great vacation and treat each client as if they were my only client.  My services are tip based – so I have to earn my income by ensuring that you have a great vacation.  What can be better than that?  You decide if I did my job in your having a great vacation.  Call me from the US 281-201-0616 or email me at and be sure to like my Facebook page AT YOUR SERVICE ROATAN

private airport transportation roatan

Are you coming to Roatan for your vacation?  Why get in a vehicle with all the other people staying where you are going to?  do you want your luggage all over the place or maybe even in another vehicle?  AT YOUR SERVICE offers your private airport pick up and return.  We want you to start out your vacation relaxed and feeling special, not like just another renter! Give us a call from the US 281-201-0616

Skip Baggage Claim Roatan

What?  Skip baggage claim?  what are you talking about?  Well when you arrive in Roatan your bags dont come out that quickly.  How would you like to arrive, go through immigration and leave the airport to get to the beach or where you are going as quickly as possible?  Well we do that for you!  For a minimal fee we will obtain your checked bags and deliver them to you before 5pm!  Okay well, that means you wont have suntan lotion and/or bug spray.  Well, we can handle that.  We offer a Skip Baggage Claim Roatan welcome bag for a small price that will have suntan lotion bottles of the number that you let us know and a bottle of 1 of 2 bug sprays – your choice! WOW this is amazing.  Want to know more?  email us at or from the US call 281-201-0616

roatan vacation 2013/2014 groceries

Are you coming to Roatan for your vacation Nov 2013-April 2014?  This is your vacation, no need to spend it in the grocery store.  I have a lot of clients tell me that they want to experience our grocery store.  Well I have to tell you we are just like the ones you shop in the US, just a few years behind.  Sometimes we have to go to 2-3 stores to get what is needed and sometimes they are out of an item, so we will make sure that you receive it as soon as it arrives back on the shelf.  Walk into your vacation rental and start your vacation the right way.