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Roatan – where do you stay? how is the customer service where you are looking at? do they care about you?

coming to roatan, let AT YOUR SERVICE help you decide where to stay. dont just pick someplace that LOOKS good. we will be honest and help you pick the place that best suits your needs and cares that you have a great time and are happy with their customer service!

Coming to Roatan? do you want to stay where they care if you are happy? Let us help you make the right decision for your family.

coming to roatan, let AT YOUR SERVICE help you decide where to stay. we can help match you to the place that best suits your needs. Do you want a place that cares about you enjoying yourself or do you want a place that just wants your money? do you want a pool? do you want to be away from it all? do you want luxury or miami? you know what i mean. do you want someone to care that your room is cleaned up early and that you always have clean towels? we can help you select the right vacation rental for your needs. Kids, dont want stairs, want peace and quiet, want action where you are? we can handle that. Want a place that answers the phone when you call? Let AT YOUR SERVICE help make your vacation the best it can be

Clients on Roatan having a great vacation

having a great week with clients once again last week south shore canopy tour, dolphin encounter. This week massage at the wonderful Baan Suarte Spa, dune buggy ride, more south shore canopy tours, dinner at mayoka lodge for 2 (how romantic)!

clients loving not having to wait in line at the airport. they get to enjoy more of the beach and the sun. especially this past week when the rainy season really put a damper on a lot of clients week. we booked lots of massages, island tours and canopy tours in between the rain showers.

saturday when the sun finally came out, all 17 of my clients were on the beach getting to enjoy the sun while AT YOUR SERVICE did their departure pre-check in and all clients left with a bit of a tan and happy with their departure.

SUNWING & CANJET would you like private shuttle service to your vacation rental?

Sunwing and CanJet passengers why get on a big bus and wait for everyone else to get their luggage and get on this big bus. When you get to your vacation rental you have to wait in line for your turn to get checked in. Is this really how you want to start your vacation?

How about being the first ones out of baggage, your private van waiting for just you! cold beverages when you arrive at the airport waiting for you. A mini tour on the way to your vacation rental. and you are the only ones at the reservations desk when you arrive and no waiting in line to check in!

You are on the beach hours before anyone else on your airplane.

Now that is a vacation!

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MALARIA LESSON #7: Lauric Acid when in the human body it will form into monolaurin. It has broad antimicrobial properties. lauric acid is a malaria fighter!

WHERE DO YOU FIND LAURIC ACID?: Cold-pressed coconut oil (we need Eldons Supermarkets to start carrying this product for us), dried coconut (can be found Eldons), coconut milk (can be found in Eldons), bitter melon (dont know where if available on the island).

SO i have been drinking a glass of coconut milk each day during my malaria recovery and it will become part of my daily diet from here on in for sure.

Please be sure to check with AT YOUR SERVICE for your pre-arrival grocery shopping needs. I have lived here 8 years now and never had it until this past month. so no one is immune to it, it only takes one mosquito bite to do it and I got one.

ROATAN MALARIA LESSON #6: Arabinoglactans

MALARIA LESSON #6: the University of Minnesota conducted a research project that revelated that arabinogalactan stimulated immune cells and a proper immune system that helps your organisms to fight against malaria infection.

WHEE DO YOU FIND ARABINOGALACTANS: tomatoes, carrots, pears, coconut, leek, onioin, spinach, broccoli, avocado, eggplant, mango, apples, apricot, banana, radish, turmeric, echinacea tea, marshallow root!

all items except leeks, mango (out of season right now), echinacea tea and marshmallow root can be found in Eldons Supermarkets.

Let at your service do your pre-arrival grocery shopping and make sure you add these items to your food before you come down and while you are here on ROATAN!

SUNWING and CANJET coming to Roatan??

Are you flying SUNWING or CANJET to roatan? do you want to be on a bus with masses of others? or would you prefer to have a private service pick you up and take you to your vacation? We will send you emails prior to your arrival with lots of information about preparing for your vacation. We meet you at the airport with cold beverages of your choice. we do pre-arrival grocery shopping and we even do departure pre-check in so you dont have to stand in the long line at the airport for 3 hours! show up 45 min before the flight and go through security! contact us

Roatan Malaria Lesson #5

MALARIA LESSON #5: A study that was published in the Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research stated that “Oxidative stress has shown to play an important role in the development of anaemia in malaria. Indeed, the increase in total antioxidant status has also shown to be important in the recovery from malaria. ”

so where do you find antioxidants? acai berries are rich in antioxidants and also are a great immune booster (there is Acai berry juice at Eldons Supermarkets. A strong immune system is the best fighter against any kind of infectious disease. If you have no actual acai berries or acai juice, there is a freeze dried powder that you can order on line.