dont be squished into a van going to your resort with lots of other people and more luggage on Roatan!

Yesterday at the airport i saw one van cramming 6 guests and 12 suits cases and 6 carry ons into one small 6 passenger mini van.  the luggage was put in the van first and then they were squeezing everyone else into the van


Is this how you want to go to your vacation?  What kind of place picks up their guests like this?  What does it tell you about where you are going to spend your vacation?


Let AT YOUR SERVICE take personal care of you.  Our private van will be air conditioned and waiting for you right at the front door of the airport.  You luggage will either fit int he back, on the roof or I will personally drive it over to your place.  Clients in the vehicle with no luggage around them!  Even a cold beverage when you arrive at the airport!


We spoil you from the very beginning of your vacation until the end.  Give us a call.


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