Yes many resorts on the island offer free pick up and return to the Airport.  So why should you pay AT YOUR SERVICE for this service?

Here is why:

1)  I will personally greet you at the airport out the baggage claim area

2)  My baggage person will meet you inside and take care of your bags for you so you can come out and have the fresh cold beverage I have waiting for you!!

3) Your transportation will be waiting outside the door when you exit, all air conditioned, cold, and just YOURS; not shared with others.

4)  The driver will give you a mini tour on the way to your vacation rental!

5)  You will receive a Welcome Book and Welcome Bag that is designed just for you to help you on your vacation.

All this for $12.50/person each way!  Prices may vary depending on the number of people in your group. In the US there is are shuttle services that charge $35/person and upwards and all they do is pick you up at the curb or drop you off at the curb. Then there are limo companies that pick you up at baggage and drop you off at the curb and you can pay upwards of $100/hour. By The Way their prices dont include tips, ours include tipping all the people that you come in contact with during your arrival! You only tip the driver!

A private taxi from the airport to most places in West Bay is upward of $50. They may not speak english, only 2 can really sit comfortably in the taxi and what if your luggage does not all fit in the trunk? The rest is in the car with you all!

What about the free bus and/or transportation to your vacation rental? Well remember that everyone on that airplane is going on the same bus. So until everyone is on the bus with their luggage you are not going anywhere. Not to mention that when the bus arrives at your vacation rental, everyone is checking in at the same time! AND no beverages when you arrive at the airport and/or the hotel waiting for you. NO one with a big smile on their face welcoming you to Roatan and no one caring that you have a great vacation like I do AT YOUR SERVICE!

As a client of AT YOUR SERVICE you will also receive lots of information prior to your arrival that will be extremely helpful to you in planning and preparing for your vacation.

Give us a try!


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