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going to your resort in a van that is not air conditioned, it is packed with others and luggage and you have to wait!

You are coming to Roatan to vacation.  You arrive off the airplane before anyone else, your luggage comes out but you have to sit there and wait for the other passengers.  Oh yeah did i tell you that the van has no a/c? did i tell you that the back 2 rows were piled up with luggage?

is this really how you want to start your vacation?  let AT YOUR SERVICE have a nice cool van waiting for just you!  with a nice cold beverage when you land!  and no waiting for anyone else/.  We will drive you to your vacation rental and you will be happy and not irritated!

dont be squished into a van going to your resort with lots of other people and more luggage on Roatan!

Yesterday at the airport i saw one van cramming 6 guests and 12 suits cases and 6 carry ons into one small 6 passenger mini van.  the luggage was put in the van first and then they were squeezing everyone else into the van


Is this how you want to go to your vacation?  What kind of place picks up their guests like this?  What does it tell you about where you are going to spend your vacation?


Let AT YOUR SERVICE take personal care of you.  Our private van will be air conditioned and waiting for you right at the front door of the airport.  You luggage will either fit int he back, on the roof or I will personally drive it over to your place.  Clients in the vehicle with no luggage around them!  Even a cold beverage when you arrive at the airport!


We spoil you from the very beginning of your vacation until the end.  Give us a call.

COMING TO ROATAN? NO matter where you stay we can help make your vacation great!

AT YOUR SERVICE is Roatan’s Only Premiere Full Service Concierge.  This is all we do, take care of our clients and make sure that they have a great vacation.  Nothing is too big and nothing is too small.  We spoil you rotten and you deserve it!  Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping, Airport Pick up and Return, Pre-Check in at the airport for departure so you can spend more time at the beach and not at the airport in line!

We coordinate transportation wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do!  Reasonable rates!  great prompt service!  Our Clients are number one with us all the time!

We only charge you for: pre-arrival grocery shopping, airport pu and return, pre-check in at the airport.  The rest is service based and at the end of your trip please feel free to tip us based on our service.  So you see why we work so hard to make sure that you have the best time and the best service.

Give us a try!  If you dont like our services we wont let you pay for it!  But read on Trip Advisor forums Central America Honduras Roatan how everyone loves AT YOUR SERVICE!

JUST BOOKED 2 clients from SAP TO ROATAN and Back

Just coordinated airline transportation for 2 clients coming from the US via San Pedro Sula and back to San Pedro.  Paid for it for them as well!  Also booked hotel for clients while they are here and paid for that for them.  They also deposited funds in the US in an account and their funds will be here for them when they arrive so they dont have to travel with a lot of funds!  wow, what service!  And of course AT YOUR SERVICE is picking them up at the airport and returning them to the airport in Roatan!