Last minute pre-check in at Roatan Airport

So yesterday we were called to do a pre-check in for a very nice man, a doctor.  His flight was same day and he was flying first class. So this was a late last minute pre-check in at the airport.  No problem; we can handle it.  Off we went at 9:30am to pick up his passport and departing taxes for a 1pm flight.  We went to the airport, took care of it and went to another clients.  At 11:30am we picked up his luggage and explained to him that he needed to be in the gate area at 12:20pm at the latest.  Patiently waiting at the airport for him, 12:00pm, 12:15pm, 12:30pm, 12:45pm  ok getting really nervous.  12:50pm I see him running across the street from his car rental return.  I am screaming “empty your pockets”  rushing to get him to security to get him on the plane. WHew!  He made it.  Thank goodness I know enough people at the airport to ensure that he doesnt miss his plane.  Well AT YOUR SERVICE really paid off for him.


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